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    Step One

    How To Identify Why Your Ex Broke Up With You.

    Your ex is hiding the truth from you.

    Often times, in a feeble attempt to protect your feelings, your ex will say things like “it’s not you, it’s me” and “I think we just make better friends.”

    While these may sound like valid reasons, it’s often not the reason why your ex broke up with you.

    In over 90% of my cases, the reason one person breaks up with another person is because they’ve experienced a loss of sexual attraction.

    Step Two

    The Isolation Period.

    Regardless of how long it’s been since you and your ex broke up or how far away they live, there needs to be an Isolation Period.

    Other so-called experts may call this the “no contact” period, however, many will lead you to believe that simply ignoring your ex will do the trick.

    There is a very specific way to go about executing the Isolation Period and it isn’t just about ignoring and “not contacting”

    your ex.

    Step Three

    The First Contact.

    So how will you know when your ex is ready to be contacted? Well, you don’t. But there are some rules.

    If you’ve just recently broken up with your ex and you haven’t begged, pleaded, or

    contacted your ex, then 30 days is enough time for their emotions to reset.

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