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Hi. I'm Jeff Campbell


Blogger, father, husband and the budgeter in our house.


I want to help take your personal finances to the next level just as my wife and I have done with ours.


10 years ago our budget was a mess. We were $60,000 in debt. We lived in a house we couldn't afford driving cars that weren't paid for.


When the money ran out mid-month we just reached for the credit cards. Then we repeated the cycle the next month.


If you’re like a lot of folks, money fights and money problems are also creating trouble in your marriage or relationship. 


That can lead to partners and spouses making bad decisions behind one another’s back and lead families deeper into debt. With money being one of the big reasons for divorce, it’s crucial that if any of this sounds familiar that you take action!


Learn from our mistakes, sweat and research and take your family's financial future to the next level!


Why listen to a guy like me?


I started my blog for one reason - to help other middle class dads and moms like me navigate through the worlds of marriage, parenting, personal finance and more.


My blog is still fairly new, but 13,512 people follow me and my posts each week, I have been featured in places like the Washington Post and have been able to help couples like you take their futures to the next level.


I'm no genius, but I've been around the block a few times, made a TON of mistakes, and (most importantly) LEARNED from my mistakes.


My day job is Academy Director for a very large martial arts school but before that I was a business leader and general manager for Whole Foods Market for over 20 years and responsible for millions of dollars in sales each month as well as my store's budgets.

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